Solutions and Practical Actions

Artemisa Mining Challenge - Female Mining Engineers, Chile and Brazil

Working with the Artemis Project, we created the Artemisa Mining Challenge to grow a talent pool of professional women mining engineers in Latin America. High-achieving, newly graduated women are being helped to find supportive pipelines to launch and boost their careers. This effort was also established to help the mining industry address its commitments to hire more women, especially in technical, trades and managerial roles.

In Chile, a country with one of the lowest rates of women working in mining, more than 75 young female graduates have been prequalified and are now seeking their first jobs as junior mining engineers. Our pipeline of talented women miners is global with leaders in every region who speak the language and know the culture.

More Women on Boards

The Krissilas Group is part of an active, global pipeline of accomplished women who have attained C-level competence and experience. We have cultivated these long-term relationships through our business dealings, conferences and seminars, and our own activism. We can provide eminently qualified referrals to our clients who are looking for board-of-director members and want to enlarge their representation of women leaders at the same time.

Pipeline of Female Talent

Our many years of recruiting top talent has taught us a lot about attracting, promoting and retaining competent women. From analyzing job descriptions to examining recruitment strategies and their effectiveness; from compensation levels to workforce planning; we are specialists in recruiting women for leadership positions in mining, information technology roles, cybersecurity and energy.

Artemis Collective and Other Associations

As part of the Artemis Project (recipient of the 2020 SME Canadian SDG Accelerators Award) we are collaborating on several projects to enhance gender diversity in STEM roles and sectors.

Heather Gamble,

Executive Director, The Artemis Project

The goal of the Artemis Project is to give women entrepreneurs access to better clients for their services. But our business owners must do their part, too. Helen meets all the requirements. She’s a true professional—dependable, hard-working, and quick to adapt. She contributes her knowledge, skills, experience, and commitment to get the job done, whether here at home or internationally in one of our members’ countries. Helen and the Krissilas Group are a wonderful addition to Artemis, and we look forward to the opportunities for growth and development she brings to our membership. 

Our Affiliations

To help build more diverse and equitable work environments and provide opportunities to learn, grow networks, and expand our realm of influence, the Krissilas Group supports these organizations: