Finding Top Talent in the 21st Century

Technology has made the world a smaller place. But the need and competition for the best talent has skyrocketed.
Your organization needs more than just the right skillsets. The best experience and qualifications won’t be enough if the candidate is not the right “fit” for your company.

We do our homework. We ask the right questions. We make sure we fully understand your organization’s culture and direction, as well your job requirements.

We take just as much time getting to know the candidates before we send them to you, too. We conduct exhaustive searches, reference checks and interviews. Before we present a candidate, we know their backgrounds, their career goals, what they’re looking for in an employer.

The ones you meet check all the boxes. One-third of all the candidates we present to our clients receive job offers. And 98 percent of those offers are accepted.

Challenge us. We source the best of the best.

Your agent: the Krissilas Group

We’re specialists. Like you, we work in cybersecurity, information technology and AI, mining and energy—the areas your future leadership talent will probably come from.

Our combined 30 years in STEM and related businesses makes us unique in the sector. We understand STEM roles; we have that sector-specific experience. Every candidate we refer to you is technically qualified and thoroughly vetted before you even see a resumé. Your time is saved for interviews and hiring decisions.

As your agent, we act with your best interests in mind, always. Our services and full, absolute discretion are guaranteed.

Your needs are our priorities

We deal in the topnotch skillsets that today’s forward-thinking companies need. Always, our focus is on finding you the best-qualified, most capable employees, regardless of race, gender, religion or background.

Now, our clients are telling us that they want to be good corporate citizens as well as good employers. They want people to know their company or organization is a force for positive change in the world and that they, too, want fairness and equity in their business dealings.

We can help you create more diverse and representative workplaces. As proud supporters of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly#5 regarding equity and choices for girls and women, we have solutions to promote and create greater inclusion.

Our large, widely diverse network has candidates with the hardest-to-find skills and the most sought-after career experience.